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Din: Bucharest
Inregistrat: 02-02-2011
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The milions of usersLISP have needs a tools to learn the language C++.
Because learning the language Visual C++ , the usersLisp 
must have 4-5 year experienced with the language.C,C++. or any
dialiect language of C+.
So if the usersLisp have no experienced in the language C++, then 
the usersLisp never, never learn the language  C++..
It is realy necesary for the usersLisp to learn the language C, C++?
Yes because the language  C, C++ is the BEST programming language  ,
Please you make a sum of 
  (second + 3th+ many programmers!!!!!)
in the TOP of programming language.

What is the programe TopovlexC?
The programe TopoVlexC is the programme compilator C++ and / or Lisp ,
used for the programmers write the C+ language and will result after
the compiling process the source in the language LISP ascii_text.

Using the second programme ConverLisp the users import the 
sources lisp with (fastest speed) to the language C++
with zero knowledge of the language C++
if only you have 1-2 years experienced in the language Visual-LISP.
So the kitt (TopoVlexC and ConverLisp_) become learning tools.
The users can make experienced in the language C+.

Youtube1 :

Youtube2 :

Please goto forum and make user account.

Youtube3 :

goto  TOP of  programming language see why the language C+ is the Best: ... guages.php


The language C++ is a better programming language
         than the sources  LISP in regards to the portability of programming languages.

YourQuestion: Not clear what this program TopovlexC is. ??
MeAnswer: The TopovlexC is programe compilator ,
            which upgrading the language Visual LISP at C++LISP ,
            better than only LISP..
The TopovlexC extend the LISP with C++
           The converLISP tranform the autolisp into C++ 

How we transform the autolisp sources at C++ARX?
a) step1 is convert the source lisp at C++ with the programe
b) step2 upgrade the source LISP at C++LISP and
       compile this new programming language  with TopoVlexC.exe
c) step3. you compile the sources in Visual C++ with TopovlexC+ARX library

_______________________________________ ... O2UTM2.pdf

02-02-2011 22:07:56
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Din: Bucharest
Inregistrat: 02-02-2011
Postari: 65
In TopoVlexC always select dosmode when you   compile the programs VLAX
Select the button <NO> at thsio screen.....

580/480px 35.6KB

_______________________________________ ... O2UTM2.pdf

13-05-2011 09:10:16
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Din: Bucharest
Inregistrat: 02-02-2011
Postari: 65
So TopoVlexC highly improves the portability of your sources, and combined with C++ it increases the advantageousness of program sources by using powerful C++ algorithms. As so many LINUX operating systems (Knoppix, Mandriva, Ubuntu) are based on C+ you can see that this language contains very powerful algorithms, as opposed to LISP that has weak algorithms.

_______________________________________ ... O2UTM2.pdf

13-05-2011 09:11:48
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C+Lisp basic
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Inregistrat: 24-05-2011
Postari: 2
As fi interesat de un manual de Visual lisp

25-05-2011 12:57:37
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Notepad++ By: Don Ho
7zipfm.exe ByA:

  1. convert file menu (*.MNU,*.MNS) to autolisp-source Generator
  2. embedding math equations in LISP ( huge formulas mathematical to AutoLISP)
  3. embedding C+ in AutoLISP
  4. convert autolisp to sources C++SDS/ADS (experimental phase)
  5. compile C+ to autoLisp program
  6. convert SLD to Lisp_Grdraw
  7. implement TXT content into LISP source
  8. dialog DCL to LispFile Generator
  9. interpret mathematical formulas (huge size formulas) to LISP
  10. convert source lisp to mathematical formulas
  11. show image BMP into DCL(compile jpeg to fas -*** module full version)
  12. convert BMP to AutocadSlide (bmp2sld)
  13. convert SLD to JavaScript and HTML
  14. convert SLD to DOC, document MsWord.exe
  15. convert SLD to Lisp_DCL dialog
  16. combining TXT to C++ one string
  17. sheetExtractor the formulasXLS to autoLISP source
  18. pixelate iimage bmp to excel sheet
  19. crystalize icons to DXF/MTEXT
  20. convert VirtualC+lisp to visual c++ads/arx(testing phase)
  21. extract .FAS from .VLX, vlxtofas, fastodcl
  22. convert regedit4 to.lisp
  23. convert .bmp to AcDbSolidsl-s inside DXF
  24. compile .doc to autolisp-generator
  25. compile .doc to cpp-source-generator
  26. convert autocad slide SLD to latex math
  27. capture screen-desktop to gif-image
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