Mathématiques en programmation Lisp.. Upgrade LISP to VirtualC+LISP , doc2cpp,doc2lsp, sld2lsp, bmp2dcl, free__GifCcapture for all-CAD'platforms..
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lisp2arx / Dowloading click here / Downloading and install setup.exe(154MB) for (Os WindowsAll-x86)    
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(normal-speed) ... p/download

Warning.. Bitdefende2016 display on screen (NO-virus, NO-spam 19606-0-0-0)  put  "MALWARE-warning" on this site..
You check /review ... f/download


-------------> OR try clicking bellow OLD VERSION
(/this version workoffline)

(step5  "you replace x to h " )

other information : lisp2arx forum 3x

Downloading from.......
old version----------------------
(this version workoffline)
(/this version workoffline)

Q1) How to compile the .VLAX file into .LISP?
A1)You run the programme EXPLORER.EXE, double-click on the file with extension .VLAX , and you running the script build.bat from the folder C\VLAZCOPIL:\0User\_buil.bat

Q2) How to edit the .VLAX file.?
A1)You run the programme VlaxCompiler,exe,you goto the menu “File->OPEN vlax-> [select any file from disk]. You goto (with mouse-cursor) at submenu “VlaxEditing plain text” from the menu “Compiler&convert”..You run the application executable VLAXEDIT.exe and goto the menu “File->Save .VLAX”

Q3) What is requirement operating system?
A3) Requirement operating system : WindowsXP (sp1), Ram 256MB,  internet connection online, and SoundCard


Q4) When I run the VlaxCompiler.exe I got crash and I cannot exit from the programme
A3)  You switch the current window at text-console-windows  simillary with msDos-console and press the button CTRL+C. After, you , in Explorer.exe double-click on the file .VLAX and run again the programme VlaxCompilerC.exe.

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(step1 "you downloading disk1 " ) ...
(step   unzip  " all files from '<> to  c:\test )
(step3 downloading ...
(step4  unzip  " all files from '<>  put in same directory c:test)
(step5. "you  run setup.exe" from c:\test)


_______________________________________ ... O2UTM2.pdf

26-07-2011 07:25:09
C+Lisp basic
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Inregistrat: 07-01-2012
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where can i get the download to test it i do want to convert some of my routine.
the link you have here take you a i do not see any download file there


08-01-2012 02:25:16
C+Lisp basic
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Inregistrat: 07-01-2012
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This is compartible with Windows 7 or Vista? what Autocad Version

28-01-2012 18:40:17
C+Lisp basic
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Inregistrat: 12-01-2012
Postari: 4
VlaxCompiler is compatiblle with any version of autoCAD, because is external executables..
I make tests in , appears working very good in WindowsVista., except minor bugs..

29-01-2012 15:34:44
C+Lisp basic
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Inregistrat: 17-03-2015
Postari: 3
It's Good! I will try ! Many thanks!

17-03-2015 14:09:03
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